Magna Crew supports you who exert themselves!

We Magna Crew is a community-based company with a focus on temporary staffing industry based in Chitose, Hokkaido.
With the diversification of employment, aimed If you are looking for a job in a society that some people also asked the various ways of working companies, companies looking for human resources, both of joy, We would like to provide a more comfortable working environment.
It established a pick-up system, inconvenient place to commute, who does not have a car of course, we will pick-up in the nearby free of charge to the community from your area.
In society in which aging is becoming a reality, we will guide your work elderly who also work with peace of mind.
For those who income is unstable, we will support the life in the payment of the rapid salary.
We Magna Crew will cheer you work hard anytime, anywhere.


Magna Crew is we aim to continue to contribute staffing in line with the management vision of the company, will propose a variety of human resources system of recruitment such as “companies and people of the pipeline” mutual partners.

Trade name Magna Crew CO.
Representative Takeshi Sakamoto
Location 〒066-0042 Chitose Shinonome 1-chome, 9-6, Hokkaido
TEL / FAX 0123-26-3878 / 0123-29-7005
Establishment April 2007
Capital 45,500,000yen
Employee 15 people
Work staff 320 People
Business Manufacturing, temporary staffing industry with a focus on store sales.
General worker dispatching business 般 01-300285


Whether there’s an age limit? Such as commuting is concerned about … I do not have a car, I will answer your questions about your work in the dispatch to get well from everyone.

Q. Whether it can work is past the 60-year-old?
A. More than 60-year-old staff of the Company also has many active.
Work with the elderly from the Hello Work also has been hiring aggressively.
Q. How can the car live in inconvenient location without transportation, Do you have any good your job?
A. A free shuttle bus are available in our company.
Currently, Chitose city, of course Sapporo suburbs, Eniwa, shuttle bus and wagon cars in Tomakomai service runs. Worry is not so that we can pick up to close to your home.
Q. Not only short-term work because dispatch?
A. Long Term work also available. Currently, some who are working in more than five years the same workplace with a long staff.
There is also such as in accordance with a raise and executives allowance in years of service. Of course, there is also a short-term of your work. Contract will be happy to guide you through the other of your work After completion.
Q. If you work long do you become a full-time?
A. Also available to you who became the company’s permanent employees from temporary staff.
As long our full-time employees in accordance with the capacity of those who work hard hard, and I am working stable.
Q. I there are people with disabilities to know, do you able to work?
A. I have you your job by providing a certain amount of trial period, we will carry out a long-term contract if there is no hindrance to your work.
Also we will back up so as to create a friendly environment for your work.
Q. Previously now you care in your company, but I have quit their jobs without permission. Also I’d like to find a job, okay?
A. Everyone, I think that each there are circumstances. If you enjoy working hard from now Also will introduce a new your job.
Please feel free to contact us!